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Welcome to the IZZ Bar, a sanctuary of understated elegance and genuine hospitality nestled within our enchanting resort. Our bar, while not a gourmet or high-end establishment, offers a cozy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for those seeking respite and a taste of local flavors. We celebrate the art of the cocktail with a Classics menu that showcases expertly crafted drinks like the Margarita and Mezcal Margarita, meticulously prepared with care and attention. While our bar may not boast an extensive list of exotic concoctions, we take pride in serving well-executed classics that are sure to satisfy.

We also feature a cocktail selection created by our in-house mixologist, who crafts unique concoctions using locally sourced ingredients, some of which are harvested daily from our gardens.

Step into our Bar and be embraced by a relaxed and unpretentious ambiance. The IZZ Bar is a place where you can kick back, unwind and enjoy the company of friends or fellow travellers. As you sip on your chosen libation, treat your taste buds to our selection of small bites and locally inspired snacks, designed to complement your drink experience and offer a glimpse into the culinary traditions that make our destination unique.

At the IZZ Bar, we believe in the simple pleasures in life. We invite you to take a break from the hectic pace of everyday life, engage in leisurely conversations, appreciate the craftsmanship of your classic cocktail and immerse yourself in the laid-back ambiance that defines our bar experience. Discover the IZZ Bar: where casual comfort meets genuine hospitality and where every moment is an invitation to slow down and enjoy.


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