Welcome to the culinary world of IZZ, where nature and food come together in perfect harmony. As Executive Chef of IZZ, Sena Varlik, has crafted a menu that is inspired by the breathtaking surroundings of our Southern Aegean location.

At Gaze Restaurant, we believe in listening to nature and bringing the best of what it has to offer to your table.

Our commitment to the finest, freshest local ingredients is evident in every bite. We are constantly exploring the beauty of our location and seeking out the best materials available. Our plates are a creative collaboration of nature and food, with techniques such as fermentation, curing, canning, and pickling to enhance the Flavors of our dishes.

We are proud supporters of our local producers and believe that by creating menus inspired by the products grown around us, we contribute to the two-sided development of our community.


Gathering around the fire has taught us the importance of togetherness and with our wood-fired oven, we feel a deep connection to our ancestors and their culinary traditions.

Our passion for food is not limited to our surroundings. We are inspired by generations of chefs and cuisines from around the world and we offer three menus throughout the year.

During seafood season, from January to June, we showcase the best of our coastal Flavors.

In the summer, we celebrate the abundance of vegetables grown in our gardens and during the winter, we turn to the forest for the finest ingredients.