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Izz Getaway is located near the antic cities Caria and Lycia.


Caria and Lycia

For those seeking a journey to Caria, a visit to the ancient city of Kaunos, a mere 25 km. away, is a must. The path to Kaunos will take you on a serene boat ride through Dalyan Stream. When you arrive at Kaunos you can see the classical and archaic architectural structures with mythological stories.

The Acropolis of Kaunos is a must-see, followed by a visit to the stunning Iztuzu beach, which is 4.5 kilometers away, where the Caretta Carettas come to lay their eggs. Be sure to taste the blue crab and indulge in a therapeutic mud bath when exploring Dalyan.


If you decide to go to Lycia, there’s the starting point of Blue Cruise and the center of yachting in Turkey Göcek.

Göcek is a great place for people who want to explore the blue waters from a geographical perspective. You can rent a boat or go on a day trip to see many peaceful villages and beautiful islands like Yassıca, Tersane, and Göcek.

The forested terrain and clear waters make it a unique and enjoyable experience. There are also many services available to help you enjoy your trip. To have a luscious romantic dinner, Göcek is the right address.

katrancı and gunluklu

On the continuing road of Lycia, there are Katrancı and Günlüklü Bays protected by international laws. After passing through these picturesque bays, there’s the biggest city of Muğla, Fethiye.

Fethiye is the ultimate destination for shopping and savoring delicious seafood. Additionally, visitors should make a point to check out one of the world’s most prominent paragliding centers, boasting breathtaking views of the harmonious dance between green and blue.


Upon completion of these various activities, one cannot overlook the paramount city of Lycia, Xanthos, with its illustrious stories of battle. However, prior to reaching this esteemed destination, you should first pass through the birthplace of the wisdom and fertility gods of ancient Greek mythology,

Apollon and Artemis. Among the many captivating sights to behold in this area, Patara Beach stands as a magnificent spectacle not to be missed.