Movement Studio


We are the legacy of ancestors who lives integrated into nature for millions of years with the urge to survive in the evolutionary process. Sedentary life, superior technology and comfort have changed the way we move and move our bodies while pushing our consciousness to move forward. The exercises we do consist of movements to re-establish the lost connections between the mind and muscles and to awake our instincts that are actually in our genes.

As the IZZ Team, we are here to increase your movement capacity and help you get back in touch with nature. Exercise routines and special trainings that will make it easier for you to move freely in nature and adapt have been prepared for you at IZZ Movement Studio.



At IZZ Movement Studio, inspired by nature, test your movement quality with the FMS System and get liberated with the right exercise routines tailored to you. IZZ Movement Studio will be the right choice to integrate body and mind, feel better, discover your own mental & physical potential in daily life and exercises. 

d.n.s. SYSTEM

The DNS assessment is a unique rehabilitation and movement strategy based on comparing a person to a healthy baby. As a result of the test to ensure ideal posture, correct breathing technique and returning the joint to the position it should be in, our personalized exercise and movement routine applied by our private coach will guide you to the right movement.



Pilates helps to improve flexibility, balance and coordination while helping to increase strength in the muscles. Various living conditions in daily life cause deformations in body proportion. Body posture deteriorates, muscles lose their strength and flexibility. Pilates is one of the most effective methods for the most common back and spine disorders today. The most important causes of these disorders are the weakness of the muscles supporting the waist and spine. It helps to prevent many discomforts with the work to be done in these areas.




Follow the flow of nature at IZZ. Wake up every sunrise with the views that mother nature offers us. Reach all shades of green on the walking path we have prepared for you, renew with every step and strengthen your emotions with movement. Experience our physical awareness and breathing exercises at our viewpoint. Connect with the forest, feel the balance.



COACHING & mentoring

Experience a holistic approach to movement with our personal coach. Test your movement quality and breathing mechanics with F.M.S. and D.N.S. tests used by world-renowned sports clubs and rediscover your potential with corrective exercises and versatile practices.