Indulge in Irresistible Delights at IZZ Bakery

A Haven of Artisanal Goodness

Welcome to the IZZ Bakery, a haven of exquisite flavours and aromatic delights within our remarkable hotel. Prepare to embark on a sensory journey as you explore our bakery facility, where the art of baking takes center stage. Discover a wide array of freshly baked treats, crafted with passion and expertise, that will captivate your taste buds and leave you craving for more.










Artisanal Creations Made with Care at IZZ Bakery, we believe in the art of baking with love and attention to detail. Our talented bakers create a tantalizing selection of bread, pastries, cakes and confections using only the finest ingredients. Every bite is a testament to our commitment to quality, ensuring that each creation delivers a moment of pure indulgence.

A Cornucopia of Flavors Immerse yourself in a world of flavours at IZZ Bakery. From crusty artisan bread and buttery croissants to delectable cakes and irresistible pastries, our menu is a celebration of culinary craftsmanship. Whether you crave a flaky pain au chocolat for breakfast, a delicate macaron for a midday treat, or a custom-designed cake for a special occasion, our bakery offers an abundance of options to satisfy your every craving.

Unveiling the Bakery Experience Step into the inviting ambiance of IZZ Bakery and be greeted by the warm aroma of freshly baked goods. Marvel at the display of tempting delights, lovingly arranged to entice your senses. Our friendly staff stands ready to assist you in selecting the perfect treats, whether you seek a personal indulgence or a delightful gift for someone special.

Savor the Moment Find a cozy corner within our bakery or take your treats to go and find a tranquil spot within our beautiful surroundings. Savor each bite, appreciating the expert craftsmanship and dedication that goes into every creation. Whether you’re enjoying a leisurely breakfast, a midday pick-me-up, or an after-dinner delight, IZZ Bakery provides the perfect backdrop for moments of pure enjoyment.

Visit IZZ Bakery today don’t miss the opportunity to experience the artisanal delights of IZZ Bakery. Indulge in the flavours that have been carefully crafted to bring joy to your palate. Whether you’re a guest at our hotel or a visitor in the area, our bakery welcomes all who appreciate the finest baked goods.

Please note that availability may vary, and we recommend visiting during our bakery’s operating hours to ensure a delightful experience.

Come and discover the culinary wonders of IZZ Bakery, where every bite tells a story, and every visit is a journey of delectable delight.