Food & Drink


Izz Gocek Breakfast

Regional jams according to the season, butter, honey, clotted cream,
hazelnut cream, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, fresh greens, olive oil with thyme, olive varieties, olive salad, acuka, local cheese plate with dried fruits, calf ham

Hot Services

Watermelon halloumi cheese, fried egg, savoury pastry with
cheese and minced meat, bread basket (baguette, wholemeal
brown bread, bread with tomato, pisi, turkish bagel)

A La Carte Breakfast

Regional jams according to the season, butter, smoked meat,
mushroom, sausage, tomatoes, fried egg, baked beans, fried baguette,

Seasonal Pure & Freshest

Natural pure and freshest products, used in the unique recipes for our seasonal menus.

Las Cruces

One chile relleno & one cheese, chicken, taco with rice & beams.

Puerto Vallarta

Shrimp enchifadas with green sauce, rice, beans, guacamole & sour cream.

Ensenada Fish Tacos

Two mahi fish tacos with rise, beans, pastor oil.

Gaze the Stars

Sukiyaki Beef with Rice

Sliced Beef Cooked in Sake Sauce on Rice

Gyo Don

Pan Grilled SlicedBeef with Terriaki Sauce on Rice

Chicken Curry Don

Pan Grilled Chicken with Curry on Rice

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