true sense of
Connection & Satisfaction

understated elegance, designed to coexist with nature, authentic cuisine and complete focus on visitors wellbeing

IZZ Getaway offers a Timeless place where cultural, architectural and culinary heritage are preserved and amplified. Every property is authentic and natural; it provides absolute comfort in total discretion and elegance, while respecting the integrity of the surroundings. Situated in a forest close to Gocek, but distanced enough from the crowds.

IZZ Getaway features, ecologically designed eighteen rooms and fourteen villas with private pool and garden. two outdoor swimming pools, IZZ Wellness Fitness & Spa, Art Atelier & Boutique, G A Z E Restaurant offering Fresh & Natural mediterranean dining experience.

connections are the heart and soul of IZZ


portraying the spirit of every place we call home

Connections are the heart and soul of IZZ, the village making you feel part of a community from the moment you arrive. Hear a new story, see a new face, create a new memory and embrace the the carefree Mediterranean ways;
it’s your home, even just for a short while.

expreriences driven by the nature